The Hippie Starter Kit

Real talk: I’m pretty keen to get you on the hippie train.

Don’t feel too special–I’d like to recruit everybody on the planet, including my mom and my boyfriend (who, by the way, called me the other day and said, “I bought basil-scented fabric softener because that’s the only natural one I could find…and I have basil hand-soap and basil housecleaner and a basil plant…so everything in my place smells like basil.” That’s my boy.) The more I learn, the more I think it is unconscionable what skin care and cosmetic companies have been doing to us–pumping our products full of ingredients that they know have the potential to hurt us, and in some cases, even refusing to tell us what those ingredients are. We can’t know because those are “trade secrets.” Don’t believe me? Read Siobhan O’Connor’s well-researched (and surprisingly up-beat) book No More Dirty Looks. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but I can already promise you that you’ll be surprised by your favorite companies in the worst way.

I’m calling it.

I don’t want to stand for this anymore, and maybe you don’t either–but perhaps, like me, you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of overhauling all the products you’ve used for years.

I’ve only dipped my toes into the expansive ocean of non-toxic beauty products, but from what I’ve learned (and experienced), please allow me to present to you: The Hippie Starter Kit.

Most of us can’t afford to replace our toxic products with clean ones all at once, but we can start to do so just a few products at a time. I suggest first investing in the products that you use every day: shampoo, soap, deodorant, and lip balm. Here are a few clean alternatives to your mainstream favs:

1. Acure Organics Shampoo: I’ve been using Acure Organics shampoo & conditioner for months, and it’s now an essential for me. It gets my hair soft, silky, and CLEAN…plus, it smells yummy, which is always ideal. One of my favorite things about this product (frankly) is that the price is right. It may cost a little more than the shampoo you use, but for something that’s non-toxic and performs well, I think the price is very competitive. They’ve got a few different kinds of shampoo to match different hair types, so check it out.

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2. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap: I started out with the bar soap version but most recently (at the YouTube recommendation of the lovely Britanie) have tried the liquid peppermint kind, which is AMAZING. It makes your skin feel totally refreshed and invigorated. The ingredients are very simple: olive fatty acids, peppermint oil, vitamin E, etc. You can’t argue with that. I bought a big bottle of this at my local Fred Meyer, and it will last me forever.

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3. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream: Before I ever got into the hardcore hippie game, I switched to a natural deodorant. I had heard of the possible connection between aluminum deodorant and Alzheimer’s disease, and I finally decided I wanted it out of my beauty cabinet for good. Before you label me paranoid, check out some negative effects of aluminum. I’ve been using Soapwalla for the past few months and have been very happy with it. Even if you’re not committed to going totally green, I really recommend that you invest in a good deodorant. It’s important.


4. Lip Balm: An essential. I’m not the first person to say this, but I can’t stress it enough: we eat our lip products. If you wear any kind of balm or lipstick on a daily basis, some of it is getting into your tummy with every sip of coffee and every bite of pizza (I don’t recommend pairing those two, but separately, I consider them two of the main food groups). That being said, shouldn’t we try to put good things on our lips just like we try to put (mostly) good foods into our bodies? A lot of lipstick contains lead, but thankfully, we’ve got some gorgeous natural alternatives. Since I love lipstick so much, I’ll discuss it in depth in a later post. For now, allow me to suggest starting with a natural lip balm. I have one from my local health food store, but there are many options. I’d personally like to try Rooted Beauty products and Hurraw Balm in the not-too-distant future. Whatever you choose, make sure it has the kind of ingredients you wouldn’t mind ingesting–because you definitely will!

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Here’s to healthier bodies and utilizing the beautiful, simple ingredients present in nature.



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