Throwback: Boyfriend Jeans

I’m a girl who loves NEW–new trends, new makeup, that I-just-clipped-the-tags-off-this-awesome-sweater-new kind of feeling. But sadly, my wallet can’t keep up with my styling preferences. Consequently, sometimes you have to choose between two options: being the greedy little pig that can’t afford to go to the market, or working with and loving what you have.

Fortunately for us, most if not all of fashion is retrospective. When I was a teenager, bellbottoms cycled back through; adults loved to say incredulously, “These were in style when I WAS A KID.” Now the ’90’s are coming back with crop tops, oversized sweaters, and the like. What is my point in all this? Sometimes using your old pieces is right on trend. If, like me, you’re on a budget, this is good news.

Flash back to circa 2007: flipping through a J. Crew catalog I saw baggy, holey jeans paired with a high heel. Even with my muddled teenage-girl brain I knew that this was genius. I’m a huge fan of the contradictory and unexpected in a look–something masculine, like baggy jeans, paired with something incredibly feminine, like high heels. I came, I saw, and I bought the Vintage Slim model.

Photo 346


When I put these on today, I was reminded not only of how cool these were, but also of how much I need to get them taken in. Without a belt, we would’ve nearly had ourselves a pants on the ground situation. Regardless, this fit is still making appearances in the fashion world, and I’m happy to see it. Styled correctly, these jeans can be a totally dynamic and straight up cool-girl look.

When I first bought them, I loved them with a wedge heel, but now I like pairing them with ankle boots. Faux fur and military-inspired vest never hurt a tough outfit either.

photo (50) 16-08-04





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