3 Things I’m Loving

I’ve never been a fan of small talk, so let’s cut the chit-chat and get right to the point: what fashion trends am I obsessing over these days?

1. Black Body Suits

It has come to my attention that in her “Applause” performances, Lady Gaga has been sporting a black body suit for parts of the song. While I’ll be the first to admit that she probably has a deeper symbolic meaning than I can possibly guess, it does seem that it’s partly a matter of practicality. She has always done a remarkable amount of costume changing, and what better foundation exists than all black? Not to toot my own horn or anything (so obviously I’m about to toot my own horn), but I think I may have figured out the black magic (not the creepy kind) before Gaga. It was my go-to look of Winter 2012. Almost every day, I would put on a black tank top and black leggings, because you can do absolutely anything with that as your base. You can dress it up or down. You can pair it with heels or flats, faux fur or oversized sweaters, glitzy tops or bland loungewear. Not to mention, it’s super comfy, which is always an unexpected bonus in the fashion world. Seriously ladies–you gotta get on this bandwagon. It makes life easier.



2. Femme Fatale Makeup

I’m permanently intrigued by makeup looks that are not traditionally “cute” or “pretty.” I’m inspired by the woman who everyone can agree is powerful but whose “beauty” no one can agree upon. This season, I’m seeing women who look like they’re ready to run the world in smoldering eye makeup and dark berry lipstick. I’m over-the-moon for Taylor Swift’s Glamour cover look; check out her tough-girl eyeliner paired with that military-inspired hat. And what about Lana del Rey with those red talons, big hair, and dark lips? What a babe.



fall makeup


3. Leopard Print

I wrote more extensively about animalia over at She’s Charming, but this is one of those trends that I think I may still be sporting even if/when it goes out of style. I always find that one or fifteen pieces of leopard print in my outfit make me feel sassier, tougher, and prettier. So yeah, you bet I wear it a lot.

Photo 334





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