From the Archives: The Leopard Hat

When I was in Ireland in 2011, I bought a weird hat that never ceases to be cool to me.

It’s an accessory with ears; no one can hate that.

It even has a scarf attached. A scarf and pockets. That’s a lot to process–take all the time you need.

It was one of those things that I agonized over: should I spend this much money on a hat? Is it really worth it? Should I go for something cheaper?

It won’t surprise you to hear that no, I didn’t go for something cheaper. I went for the leopard hat in all its furry glory.  I throw that thing over dresses, skinny jeans, pretty much anything. This year I want to pair it with some high-heeled ankle boots. Because what’s more surprising than an elegant boot outfitted with a fake-leopard-ears hat?

photo (51)


I see a few primary benefits of this particular accessory:

1. It’s just off-the-beaten-track enough that I’m not sure it was ever totally in fashion, and consequently I’m not sure it can ever be totally out of fashion either. Which means I intend on taking it with me to the grave.

2. I have college loans, and this is a time of economic hardship. If things get worse, I’m pretty sure I can put this on, hide in someone’s bushes, jump out and scare them, then charge them for the couture safari experience. BAM.

3. It’s one of those accessories that instantly frees my spirit. Have you ever experienced that? Something in your fashion armory that just makes you feel the most you. 

Here’s to many more years of leopard print being on trend.



photo (49)

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