1-2-3, you can count on me

Oh, fashion. My head is thick with ideas, and my wallet is thin with cash. I texted my daddy recently and asked him on a scale of “one” to “of course” how he felt about lending me money for new shoes that would be very editorial for my blog (if you bring your writing into it, doesn’t that trick encourage your dad to give you money?)

Totally didn’t go the way I planned.

Those high heeled leopard print boots are still on Zappos, doggonit.

Sooo…three things from my own closet that are giving me a little inspiration.

1. Weird Handbags.

I love weird purses. I really do. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting glammed up and elegant some days, but I’m almost more intrigued by the girl who chooses something quirky, something…dare I say…tacky. For example, I’d love to sport Betsey Johnson’s boxing glove purse or Nasty Gal’s lips purse. A girl who can wear something like that without batting an eyelash? That’s a honey badger who don’t care. And I love that.

I took a look around my room to see if I had any unusual purses, and BOOM, I found one: the nerd bag:

I'm wearing my Wolverine t-shirt, don't worry about it.

I’m wearing my Wolverine t-shirt, don’t worry about it.

Back when I didn’t have a day job and studied British women writers with feminist fervor, I got a handbag with a drawing of Jane Austen’s face on it. I haven’t used it in a while, but I’m suddenly thinking it could be sort of awesome. With black jeggings and high-heeled ankle boots, it could be just the sort of dork-cool I’m looking for.


2. Toning It Down (a little…sometimes)

I’m a girl who loves fiery red lipstick, costume jewelry, and clothing that’s just embarrassing in a small town. But this summer, I’ve done something totally radical (well, rad for me) and ratcheted it down a few notches. I’ve chosen a nude lipstick that makes my lips paler and some light eyeshadow that’s barely-there. It allows me to shoot for a sort of surprising blandness, a striking pallor, if you will. Unusual for me…but I kinda like it.

photo (48a)


3. The Coat

As I was studying my VOGUE September issue, hanging off Anna Wintour’s every word in her letter from the editor, I latched on to her verdict that a cool coat was the must-have for this season. Back to my closet to see if I had anything: houndstooth coat from the clearance racks of last winter. A broke girl does what she can.

photo (49)


Until next time, enjoy my favorite September song.


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