organic skin care is the closest i get to being a hippie

As I’ve switched over into the green scene, it’s become important to me not only to use natural makeup but also to use natural skin care products. I have hated my skin for years, but I can honestly say that using natural soaps, serums, and moisturizers has helped me more than any prescription from a dermatologist. Though my skin still isn’t perfect, it’s much healthier and happier.

One of my new favorite products is Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask. I received a sample of it with one of my lipstick orders from the lovely and oh-so-addicting Spirit Beauty Lounge a couple months back; that one little sample totally sold me on this mask. You might notice that the label says “for instant glow,” and it really truly honestly does make a noticeable difference the same day you use it. A lot of products take a few days or even weeks to start having an effect, but the first time I tried this mask, I absolutely couldn’t believe the instant glow it gave my skin. It’s nice to have a silver bullet like this for special occasions or nights out when your skin needs an extra boost pronto.

I use this mask once a week because it gives me the best palette to work with–a clean and clear face.

photo (46)


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