Ohhhhh friends, it is my favorite time of the fashion year: the September issue is out. Soon we will put away the muscle tees and short shorts in favor of swathing ourselves from head to toe in faux fur, boots, and oversized sweaters. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Bring on the pumpkin lattes and inspiration.

Three of my favorite things this week:

1) All Things Bright & British

I’m going to go ahead and come clean. There’s something in me this fall that makes me feel a camera-hanging-around-the-neck-touristy obsession with the British flag. I just want to sport that thing on my back, my front, and my purse. Not only is it a cool, bold graphic, but it makes me feel like I carry a little piece of the country that has inspired me more than any other. God Save The Queen.

photo (42)


2. Simplifying Handbags

While I can’t deny the statement-making-potential of an oversized purse, I’m pretty into clutches these days. When my boyfriend bought me a Betsey Johnson clutch for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to use it all the time. I wondered, Can I fit all my super cool and indispensable stuff into a bag this small? In point of fact, my stuff turned out to be not that cool, and I really don’t miss the space. Life became easier when I downsized to little more than ID and phone rather than digging through a cavernous expanse that held my resume, old movie tickets, and a granola bar that I imagine long-since lived out its shelf-life. *shudder.*. Thanks, bf!

photo (442)


3. Overstating Everything Else

C’mon, we all knew I wouldn’t advocate for simplifying everything. Especially as we move into fall, I like to wear things that are entirely too fancy for my situation. Life’s too short not to play dress-up sometimes (or every day). I snapped this picture of a Londoner a couple years back, because I think he and the kate spade ad he’s leaning against say it best.


I love the weird details, like wearing costume jewelry with a relaxed, menswear-inspired shirt, or wearing a beret to the grocery store. Long live your tutus and bow ties, ladies and gents. The suburb streets are our catwalks.

photo (43)

Congrats on making it past hump day.





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