“I also believe the color mint will be very big in fashion this year…”

I’m not really a minimalist.

So switching over to more green, clean makeup had me pretty skittish at first.

I love bright red lipstick, strong cat-eye eyeliner, and plenty of eyeshadow. Just who I am. I didn’t want to stifle that with organic chapstick.

I’m thankful to tell you I didn’t have to.

I’m finding highly pigmented (and highly cool) products that are also good for me. That’s what I’ll be chatting about in my super crunchy posts. If you’re weird and into natural makeup like me, I truly hope you’ll chime in and tell me about your new makeup must-haves.

First up: nail polish.

When I wanted a fresh bottle of nail polish at the beginning of the summer, I decided to go for something a little higher end than I was used to: the butter LONDON line. (Their tag line is, “butter LONDON believes in rock’n’roll. Great Britain. And Fashion.” …so OBVIOUSLY I’m already hooked). They call themselves a 3 free nail polish, so of course I was curious about what 3 things they were free from. Turns out butter LONDON has no toluene, no DBP…and no formaldehyde.

Whaaaaaaaat…normal nail polish has formaldehyde in it?!


Embarrassing confession: I’ve been pretty into the color mint ever since Lady GaGa said that she believed it would be very big in fashion back in 2011. Yeah yeah, I know that’s a couple years ago now, but I’m still loving mint. So I bought the polish in the color Fiver right over here, and I’ve been wearing it pretty much allll summer long.

It’s not a dyed-in-the-wool natural nail polish, but I’m happy to know that it’s free from three of the most toxic and common ingredients…and it really does go on like butter.

photo (39)

photo (38)


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