A Couple/Three Things

Here we are at the first installment of 3 (Hopefully) Inspirational Fashion Points. Because I’ve been trying to learn how to do innovative and creative things on my iPhone today and have had about the amount of success as an 85 year old saying, “Wasn’t that video on the YouTube?” I’m now grumpy, so let’s make this short and sweet, yeah?

Alright, insert those slightly creepy opening lines from The Iliad in which Homer pleads for a Muse and let’s get started.

1. The Great Gatsby a.k.a. How To Make A Bad Hair Day Look Intentional.

When I cut off all my hair last year, a terrible terrible thing happened. When I was running late or feeling lazy, I could no longer put up my hair to disguise the fact that I hadn’t done my hair. PROBLEM. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a solution. I found that if I put a little curl product in my hair while it was wet, threw on a stretchy headband, and pinned a few strategic bobby pins, things could be okay. After enough strangers told me, “You look like you’re from the ’20’s,” I’ve now decided to call it my Great Gatsby look. To my great chagrin and disappointment, it looks a little less like this:


and a little more like this:



but we work with what we have, am I right? Here’s to many more sub-par hair days.


2. The Military

This year, I’ve been intrigued and enthralled by the resurgence of military-inspired clothing. The older I get, the more I’m inspired by a look that’s feminine with an edge–a tough edge. The camo and combat boots that have populated the racks this year totally caught my attention.

photo (36) photo (35vest) photo (35)


3. The Underdogs

Maybe it’s because I’ve battled such immense insecurity throughout my life, but I have to admit, I’m so inspired by people who don’t fit the stereotype of what’s “beautiful” and yet are confident and content in their own skin–people who rise above others’ mean-spiritedness and refuse to become bitter–people, in a word, like Ugly Betty.

Stay beautiful and have a great Monday, friends.



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